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    Acme Pie Company Opening in Arlington

    “The reason we chose to make pies exclusively is the feelings and memories of childhood that they evoke: home, love, comfort, and Americana.”

    Northern Virginia Magazine recently featured this article on Acme Pie Company.

    “Schott started Acme Pie Company about five years ago to give his fellow pastry chefs a break from churning out crusts, and instead, could purchase them from him. He sold to area restaurants and farmers markets.

    When Twisted Vines went out of business on Columbia Pike in Arlington, he found the opportunity to complement his wholesale business with his first retail shop. He hopes to open the doors this April.

    Schott is a trained pastry chef and spent years in hotels, high-end kitchens (DC’s Vidalia) and places where pie is queen: diners. For almost nine years he baked pies and other homey treats for DC’s sister concepts The Diner, Tryst and Open City.

    As a brick-and-mortar operation, Acme Pie Company will still sell mostly pies, by the (oversized) slice for $6, 6-inch pie for $12 and 10-inch pie for $28-$32 (estimate prices) in flavors like blackberry with lime, coconut custard, Scottish apple (with raisins soaked in bourbon) and sour cherry.

    The shop will also feature Falls Church’s Rare Bird Coffee Roasters and Mount Desert Island Ice Cream (a la mode and milkshakes). He plans to expand with savory pies (mashed potato with leeks, cauliflower and bacon is one idea), plus quiches and biscuits for weekend brunch.

    The interior will be stylized in a circa 1930s-Works Progress Administration motif. “I’m very much a leftist, very much a liberal, and I like the idea,” he says of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Depression-era job program, better known as WPA, which helped 8.5 million Americans find work. “It’s one of the greatest achievements of our government.”

    Acme Pie Company will be located at 2803 Columbia Pike in Arlington. To read the full article, click here.

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