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    AJ Lall Share’s His Holiday Traditions

    We know this time of the year tends to be a time for celebration so we want to celebrate our amazing team and learn a little more about each of their holiday traditions.

    As a child, Give Back Team Realtor & taco connoisseur, AJ Lall, remembers always being in New York at his family’s house; that is where everyone would gather for their Christmas holiday.

    AJ’s family exchanged one gift and when they got back home his parents would have additional gifts for him and his sister. “Growing up, Christmas was more of a reason for our families to get together, rather than exchanging gifts, simply because it seemed to be the only time everyone was off at the same time.”

    AJ Lall Realtor Stafford

    Fast forward to being an adult, it’s the tradition of putting the Christmas tree up and being festive. “Over the last couple years Christmas hasn’t been the same since I lost my mother, but we make the best of it and my sister is always so thoughtful because she will always wrap a gift for me and have it say from mom.”

    Christmas as an adult for AJ is another day to spend with his father and sister and make more memories.

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