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    Fairy Godmother Project

    This amazing non-profit organization in Fredericksburg, VA eases the burden of day to day life for families facing all phases of pediatric cancer diagnosis and Ginger Walker has sat on the Fairy Godmother Project board for a number of years and the Give Back Team has been presenting sponsor of their largest fundraiser, The Stardust Ball, for the last 3 years.

    The Fairy Godmother Project supports “families from point of diagnosis or as soon as they reach out until end of treatment. As an organization, we are in constant contact with families, providing support including financial relief, house cleaning, lawn care, gas cards, meals and/or grocery cards, emotional support and more. We have a new program at end of life that will supplement what is offered by hospice to include household tasks, errands, assistance with planning of celebration of life, funeral, etc and then support after the child passes. We do a bereavement newsletter monthly and try to connect the families to the services within our community. We provide volunteers to visit the families and most of the time there is already an established relationship which is very special. We also do professional photography and are doing memorial items like videos of the child before they pass, memorial jewelry, RAK days to honor the children, tshirt quilts of the child’s clothing, and more.”

    They are always in need of volunteers! Volunteer positions that range from clerical to directly supporting pediatric cancer families. They are looking for people who understand that their priority is always the families, their privacy and their needs.

    Volunteer positions are located in the Fredericksburg area with the exception of their Volunteer Photography positions. The requirements for each position vary, click here to learn more.