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    Ginger’s Interview with Hamilton Glass

    Once you see Hamilton Glass’s artwork, you know it’s his.

    Watch as Ginger interviews Hamilton Glass. Learn how long it takes him to complete a project, does he prefer painting inside or outside better, what he’d like to do next, what his favorite color is (any guesses), and more.

    People will find Ham’s artworks in Philadelphia, a handful of projects in DC, Richmond, and he also does a lot of work in Northern Virginia. He’s been known to get jobs as far away as San Francisco, but most of his work is now local to Virginia. He does a lot of work with the community and really knows the value of public art and sees its power to influence and inspire the community. He tries to use public art to bring recognition to non-profit groups and do work with kids in schools.

    You can see Ham’s artwork on his website at Follow him on instagram: @whosham or @hamglass

    Photo credit: Ham Glass

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