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    “Forced Family Fun” with Melissa Longton

    We all know she’s the one who makes us laugh & you can’t help but smile when you see her smile. So when you think of the Give Back Team’s favorite agent, you probably don’t think of Melissa forcing her family to enjoy a day of fun.

    Melissa’s family celebrates Christmas and year after year they have a tradition, that probably sounds a lot like one of your own holiday traditions… “We have what is called forced family fun day”. This annual day of forced family fun takes place one week prior to the big day. The day includes a picture with Santa where everyone is invited; all family members and any friends they may have in tow. Then, they drive around town looking at Christmas lights. “I love the lights but the kids complain the entire time and it makes me nuts.” Then forced family dinner that takes an hour for everyone to agree on one place.

    We all know someone who can relate to their “forced family fun” or maybe you grew up in a house where your mom planned a special day but it felt like you were forced to participate and now you do that same day with your kids, love those kinds of traditions.

    In all seriousness, on Christmas Eve they generally “go to Mass then eat at the same local restaurant.” This year the Longton family will do take out because of the COVID-19 pandemic. After dinner, each family member opens just one gift. “It is a blind pick, so you may open a pair of socks or something amazing, it’s always a surprise.”

    Christmas day their family gets up, grabs a coffee, and a quick breakfast. They then take turns opening gifts, one at a time. “This takes some skill on mom’s part to ensure everyone has the same # of gifts.” Later on, they have a huge Italian feast, followed by Juniors Tiramisu cheesecake. The TV plays all day with their Christmas favorites, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, A Christmas story, and Polar Express. Christmas day also included lots of naps and leftovers.

    “From our house to yours Merry Christmas!”

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