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    Michelle Cannon Talks Holiday Traditions

    It started with a video (and of course bloopers) of the teams Thanksgiving traditions. That video went over so well, we thought it would be fun for you to get to know our team members a little more so we asked them a few questions about their holiday traditions.

    Whether it’s going out to look at Christmas lights, volunteering your time, or caroling, we think most families have some sort of tradition.  This week we talk with Michelle Cannon, our amazing Client Care Coordinator.

    Matching PJs










    Michelle said “We do the typical Christmas traditions… Christmas tree, stocking, the usual” but we also found out the last few years she started getting matching pajamas for the whole family, including their dog (she laughed). When her daughter was younger, she did have the Elf on the Shelf tradition, but we all know as kids get older, the mischievous elf gets older too and the elf stops pulling those over-night pranks.

    As a kid, Michelle always went to her dad’s mom’s to open gifts from the family, then on Christmas day they would have a Christmas dinner, as they still do to this day.










    When we asked about Michelle’s most memorable Christmas, she said it was in 2018 when they spent Christmas in Keystone Colorado, “It was awesome!” By the looks of the pictures she showed us, it was an awesome trip filled with so many memories. If you are thinking of a visit to Keystone, definitely talk with her about her trip!

    When you think back on your favorite holidays, what do you remember most?

    Stayed tuned next week as we here from another team member.


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