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    Pricing a Home

    We see it all the time, and I know it’s tempting – price a home too high just “to see if anyone bites.” The reality is this misguided approach often comes back to bite the seller. ⁣

    Give Back Team Pricing a Home

    Here’s why:⁣

    1. Pricing a home too high when it hits the market spooks off buyers. It makes them question a seller’s intentions and wonder if they’re serious about selling. Remember, buyers (and their agents) have done their research and they know what a home is worth. ⁣

    2. Another hiccup in pricing too high is that the home lingers and lingers and lingers on the market way longer than it should. The buzz generated by a new listing priced right will always gain more interest (even multiple offers) from buyers ready to purchase.⁣

    If you’re curious about what the average days on market is in your neighborhood, give us a call. As 2020 comes to a close, buyers are still looking and homes are still selling.

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