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    The Free Lance-Star Holiday Light Display List 2020

    On Saturday, December 12, the Free Lance-Star Announced their 2020 Grand Holiday Displays List.

    “Below you will find many—but certainly not all—of the most highly decorated, brightly lighted and outright delightful displays in our area. They’ve all been nominated by readers and verified by this columnist.”

    153 Brickert St. (Follow Butler Road until it turns to White Oak Road. Just past Pro Trucks store, turn left onto Potomac, left onto Brickert.) Beautiful spiral light trees in all Christmas colors stand out in this display that decorates the yard, house and garage.

    14 Briarwood Drive (Take Ferry Road to Colebrook, a right on Briarwood.) One of the best around has a new elf, a four-piece train with toys, Olaf from “Frozen,” handmade cartoon characters, Nativity figures, angels and more. Use blinkers when stopping.

    205 Lakeshore Drive (From Ferry Road, follow Hillcrest Terrace to Lakeshore.) This yard has Rudolph, a Nativity, angels, snowmen, candy canes and more.

    32 Brown Circle (From Ferry Road, take Clarion Drive to a right onto Brown Circle.) Lights fill three sides of the house, driveway and walkway, with more than 70 blow-mold figures and other decorations in the yard.

    583 White Oak Road (From Ferry Road, take right on White Oak.) A Cindy–Lou Hoo-themed display complete with the Grinch stealing lights, a musical tree farm with a 20-foot mega tree.

    619 White Oak Road (Near last.) See inflatable dogs holding a candy cane, a “Home Sweet Home” dog house, a countdown-to-Christmas clock and more. The family is collecting dog food, treats and toys for Bobbie’s Pit Bull Rescue in bin at end of driveway.

    17 Belle Plains Road (Just off White Oak Road.) A 25-foot lighted tree is circled by lighted candy canes, a star, dancing arches and blow-ups, all synced to music. Owner recommends pulling into the driveway.

    1937 Brooke Road (From Deacon, take left on Brooke, bearing right at Andrew Chapel church.) Trees, reindeer, a train, a Nativity, snowmen and more light up this yard.

    10 Mintwood Drive (Off Deacon, take Mintwood. On the left.) More than 10,000 lights set the yard ablaze, with a light show and sound system.

    1208 Amherst Avenue (Off Leeland Road, take Amherst, with house on the right.) Here there’s a light tree, Santa coming down on the roof, an arch with Santa, blowups, a big snowman and more.

    3 Mills Court (From Leeland Road, take Amherst to a left on Leeland.) This classic display has lights on the house with red and green glows, polar bears, Santa in his sleigh, a candy cane lane and a magical mailbox where Santa will get all letters.
    806 Spring Valley Drive (From U.S. 1, take Spring Valley. House on left.) Christmas lights cruisers will recognize many items here from an earlier incarnation at the home of Rochelle Gardner. Her daughter now sets up an army of Santas, a reindeer stable, North Pole sign and more.

    162 Enon Road (From U.S. 1, take Enon Road to display, on right.) A 30-foot tree of lights overlooks deer, penguins, a bear and more in this beautiful display.

    96 Carriage Hill Drive (From U.S. 1, take Truslow Road to a left on Carriage Hill.) A Virginia-style LOVE sign joins blowups and all manner of inflatables in the yard and on the roof, with a dazzling array of lights.

    130 Kelley Road (From U.S. 1, take Truslow to a left on Kelley.) Here, find lights on the house and yard, a big Christmas moose, stars, penguins and much more. New this year: dragon, train and toucan.

    8 and 9 Kinross Drive. (From Winding Creek Road, take Walpole to a right on Nugent and a left onto Kinross.) These two homes set the street ablaze with lights on trees and houses, countless light figures, candy canes, Santa in a sleigh, reindeer, a teeter–totter, snowmen, bears, Santa in a plane, a Christmas pig, penguins and more.

    44 Sunrise Valley Court. (From Hope Road near Stafford Courthouse, take left on Summerwood and left onto Sunrise Valley.) From 6–9 p.m. until Dec. 25, you’ll see a 26-minute show of visuals projected onto the house, from Olaf to classic Christmas movies and more, with sound on car radios. There’s four minutes of Christmas trivia between shows.

    37 Hulls Chapel Road (From Enon Road, just before Hulls Memorial Baptist Church, take a right on Hulls Chapel.) Handmade, life-size Nativity scene joins other figures in this illuminated favorite.

    612, 650, 668 and 682 Ramoth Church Road (From U.S. 1 north, take left onto State Route 628, which soon becomes Ramoth Church Road.) A “Whoville” joins a sea of displays in these Cooper family yards that must make Santa smile. New: Mickey movies, gnomes by the pond.

    20 Parkwood Court (From Eustace Road and Northampton Boulevard, go north on Eustace to a right on Parkwood.) Neon candy canes and a new Santa and snowman on the roof join the Grinch and more.

    18 Wells Road (From Mountain View Road, take Choptank to a left on Bertram, a right on Wells.) A winter wonderland complete with a Nativity, deer wearing masks, with Santas on the porch, driving a pickup filled with presents and heading down the chimney.

    262 Choptank Road (From last, head back to a left on Choptank, with the house right there on the right.) Nice figures in the yard, an arch and bright, cheery lights are just some of what’s special here.

    16 and 18 Washington and Lee Blvd. (Continue on Choptank to a right onto Washington and Lee.) Houses side by side have lights everywhere, a huge Christmas tree fronted by friendly figures, candy canes, a big jolly Santa, snowmen and more.

    36 Riverton Drive (From Garrisonville Road, take Barrett Heights (next to post office) to a left onto Whitestone, left on Riverton, a court there.) The yard is full of trees and figures with music synched to lights in this big and cheerful display.

    16 Watermill Court (From Garrisonville Road, take Parkway Blvd. to lefts on Heatherbrook and Watermill.) Lights on the house, yard and bushes make the blow-ups seem bright in this holiday display.

    5 Ella Court (From State Route 610, take Parkway Boulevard to lefts on Water’s Landing and Ella.) Figures fill the yard, the Abominable Snowman, dogs, Charlie Brown with lights bright on the house, with Santa at the doorway and a sleigh on the roof.

    68 Van Horn Lane (Continue from last house to Van Horn at Rock Hill Baptist Church.) A bright display with more than 200 cutouts and figures, a Nativity, a pond with skaters, Santa’s Workshop and more. New this year: a renovated sleigh, Smokey Bear and the “Toy Story” gang.

    3 Franklin St. (From Rock Hill Church Road, take Rosedale to lefts on Bryant and Franklin.) A 16-foot toy soldier guards a display filled with Santas, Snoopy and all sorts of blow-mold figures. New: full-sized sleigh.

    5 Morningmist Drive (From U.S. 17 to Village Parkway, then take a right on Morningmist.) A new Santa’s mailbox and a light arch joins an amazing array of lights, a mega-tree and more, set to music in this annual favorite at Stafford Lakes.

    20 Rocky Run Road (From U.S. 17, take Banks Ford Parkway to a right onto Greenbank to slight right onto Rocky Run.) Blow-ups in the front of the yard join Santa and more with the house, yard and trees ablaze.

    Click here to view the full list.

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